In 2009, we took the stance to reimagine what was once a stagnant staple and transform socks into one of fashion’s most exciting accessories. By unlocking the creative potential of an open canvas too often overlooked, we ignited a worldwide cultural movement that has attracted visionary artists, athletes and icons to embrace our positive message of individuality, movement and self-expression. In the years since, our vision has expanded from toe to head with a full line of colorful apparel styles for a life in motion… because why should feet have all the fun? Through a bold combination of technological innovation, superior comfort and fresh artistic design that has become the foundation of our brand, Stance active apparel can now be found in over 40 countries for anyone looking to defy convention. We are Stitched Different®.


We believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice self-expression for the sake of functionality or craftsmanship. Because why would you? Our philosophy is that everything you wear should be a direct extension of who you are and how you feel. An amplifier of your unique energy. A point of view that’s reflected in our product from toe to head. Sure, we’ve done our homework. Innovative materials, unparalleled comfort and colorful constructions that are built to last. Ours is an open invitation to embrace a life of creativity and confidence. We are Stitched Different™.


We are a culture of doers bound by curiosity. Freethinkers who celebrate a life less ordinary. We are called “punks”, and at the same time “poets”. We know that there’s a path but...we’ll just blaze our own.


We create to provoke a life as colorful on the outside as we are on the inside. Where the perfect fit matters more than fitting in. ‘Cause clothing should be made for all the ways that make us different. We believe that superior comfort enhances your daily grind. That a unique aesthetic inspires confidence in every endeavor. And good vibes yield a happy progress for us all to share.


We believe in purposeful collaboration. Our ever-growing community of artists and brand partners allows u to reimagine the world's most iconic properties and visionary labels into truly unique products designed with the intent to spark creativity in your every day.