Tyler Loong




Growing up in Highland Utah, snowboarding, skateboarding, and biking…Tyler Loong is no stranger to being an active athlete. Tyler recently found interest is playing pickle ball and enjoyed it so much he is now pursuing the fastest growing sport as a professional. Tyler travels the world competing in different tournaments. He has been ranked as high as top 3 in the world and currently is ranked 5 in the world.

Tyler played tennis growing up and eventually played Division I college tennis. He now has played Pickleball full time for 8 years and loves the sport and helping others improve and achieve their goals. Stance is proud to welcome Tyler to our punk and poet family repping our socks on pickle ball courts around the world.

We recently sat down with Tyler to learn more about him. Check the interview below.

Where did your interest to try pickle ball start?

I played high level tennis, so naturally I was interested in racket and paddle sports. Pickleball was unique and I had a neighbor who continued to try to get me to play Pickleball. One day, I was able to play some practice games with this neighbor and I was instantly hooked.

What other sports were you interested in growing up?

Tennis, I played competitively all through juniors and even into College at the division I level. Basketball was another passion of mine that I played regularly. I also loved some of the extreme sports like skateboarding and riding motorcycles, so a little bit of everything.

Pickle ball is now on the radar of professional athletes investing in their own teams. Did you ever think this sport would get to this level?

I did - I knew it would get to this point, I just didn’t realize how quickly it would get there.

What do you love about the Stance brand and why did you choose to be endorsed by them for performance socks?

Stance is the best. I remember when they first came out and I was young, their socks were all the rage. From that young age, I grew to love the company because of their culture, what they represented and the quality of their products.

What is next for Tyler Loong?

Continuing to compete in professional tournaments and also growing the game through one of my businesses, The Picklr (indoor Pickleball facilities). Check us out at thepicklr.com.

Where can our audience find out more about you?

I’m most active on Instagram (@tyler.loong), however, I’ve been using Twitter and Youtube a little more.