Cole Houshmand




Cole Houshmand is a pro surfer from our backyard: San Clemente, CA. Although none of his family surfed, he somehow convinced his dad to push him into waves when he was younger, and look where that has gotten him now. He has captured the surfing world's attention with his rapid rise to the professional surfing tour. However, he captured Stance’s attention with his undeniable style, fearless approach to big waves and playful attitude. He’s been called “the Rodman of surfing” because of his crazy dyed hair and overall confidence towards his self-expression. Cole has established himself as an athlete to watch in the competitive surfing scene. He has set himself apart within the scene with his power, style, passion and dedication to honing his skills. With his impressive performances and unwavering determination, Cole Houshmand continues to make waves both in and out of the water.