B. Thom Stevenson




B. Thom Stevenson's practice is nomadic and cannibalistic. Utilizing Xeroxed images of paintings, he has painted from Xeroxed images of drawings drafted from observation. Cycles of imagery of images of images. With each rendition mutating and decaying or ascending into new motifs. Text and imagery are picked up while exploring an eclectic selection of sources: other artists living and dead, DIY culture, American, Japanese, and Italian cult horror movies, vintage quilt templates, Celtic stone carvings, literature, and politics, to name a few. B. Thom Stevenson is a multifaceted artist that explores the gaps between cultures by boiling down their artifacts to juxtapose them in visually impactful dialogues. Pairing both original and sourced materials to form a unique vocabulary. His practice explores the use of language as imagery and pictures as communication tools.