Stance, B. Thom, and Crocs are coming together to spread the message that art doesn’t live in a box. Don’t wait for the right desk or brush to make what you want to make, just get out there and start doing it.

The Stance x B. Thom x Crocs Classic Clog is covered from heel to toe in B. Thom’s high-contrast, hand-painted aesthetic. Inspired by his grandmother’s quiltsand the organic floral patterns they contain, B. Thom wanted to make these Classics stand out—even in a garden blooming with flowers or uncut grass. A firm believer in bringing the art studio out with you to wherever you might be, his custom Jibbitz™ charms are functional tools for the plein-air painter in all of us.

About B. Thom

With a DIY approach to fine art, B. Thom Stevenson’s drawings and designs can be found throughout the art and fashion world. With a DIY mentality, his energetic mosaics using typography and hand painted patterns show an instinctive and bold technique. For this pair of Classic Clogs, he created a floral all-over print, with an analog copy machine feel.